Latest Work
Here you'll find a list of links for all client work I've been honored to do these past 2 years. It's been a crazy ride, and honestly I never thought I could achieve so much in so little time. I proved myself that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, in this case: successfully completing all these projects for lots of happy and grateful customers, and proving with jobs and salaries for 7 other coworkers thanks to our joint efforts.

Current Focuses
My current focus is to build my own business. This business should be location-independent and it should allow me to save enough money to be self-sufficient, travel the world and allow me to invest in projects I find interesting.

Last Completed Goals
• Keep hydrated.
• Meditate daily.
• Sleep 8 hours.
• Wake up early.

Life Goals
• Release an electronic music album.
• Create a videogame.
• Release a feature film/documentary.
• Maintain a loving, inspiring, respectful and happy relationship with my amazing wife Manuela.
• Be self-sufficient and location-independent.
         - Nov 2018: Moved to Sydney, Australia.
         - Apr 2020: Moved to The Netherlands.
Help others achieve their goals.

Fitness/Health Goals
• Workout 3-4 days a week.
• Eat healthier and more consciously.
Keep hydrated.

Professional Goals
• Work freelance:
         Create a brand/agency/e-commerce site to sell digital goods or services online. 
         Prepare an electronic Live Act to perform on bars/clubs.
         Prepare and record various DJ sets to play at parties.
• Buy an electric scooter/bike to reduce commute time and save money.

Habit Goals
• Sleep 8 hours.
• Wake up early.
• Meditate daily.
• Check my objectives regularly.
• Stop skin-picking.
• Goal X.

Creative Goals
• Release an electronic music album.
• Draw every day.
• Play music in fun parties.

Skill Goals
• Learn how to sing.
• Learn music theory.

Fun Goals
• Create an indie video-game.
• Design a board game.

TECH Goals
• OneWheel
• MacBook Pro

Travel Goals
• Visit Japan.
• Visit Netherlands.
• Visit Barcelona.
• Visit Berlin.
• Travel South America.
• Travel Argentina (in full).
• Travel South East Asia.