Impossible List
This is my Impossible List. I made it public to remind me to stay on track and for people to be able to follow my progress. I'll update this list regularly to help me commit with the goals I set for myself. If I change my priorities or decide to switch focus, it will be reflected on this list.

Current Focuses
My current focus is to build my own business. This business should be location-independent and it should allow me to save enough money to be self-sufficient, travel the world and allow me to invest in projects I find interesting.

Last Completed Goals
• Keep hydrated.
• Meditate daily.
• Sleep 8 hours.
• Wake up early.

Life Goals
• Release an electronic music album.
• Create a videogame.
• Release a feature film/documentary.
• Maintain a loving, inspiring, respectful and happy relationship with my amazing girlfriend Emy.
• Be self-sufficient and location-independent.
         - Nov 2018: Moved to Sydney, Australia.
         - Apr 2020: Moved to The Netherlands.
Help others achieve their goals.

Fitness/Health Goals
• Workout 3-4 days a week.
• Eat healthier and more consciously.
Keep hydrated.

Professional Goals
• Work freelance:
         Create a brand and e-commerce site to sell digital goods online. 
         Prepare an electronic Live Act to perform on bars/clubs.
         Prepare and record various DJ sets to play at parties.
• Buy an electric scooter/bike to reduce commute time and save money.

Habit Goals
• Sleep 8 hours.
• Wake up early.
• Meditate daily.
• Check my objectives regularly.
• Stop skin-picking.
• Goal X.

Creative Goals
• Release an electronic music album.
• Draw every day.
• Play music in fun parties.

Skill Goals
• Learn how to sing.
• Learn music theory.

Fun Goals
• Create an indie video-game.
• Design a board game.

TECH Goals
• OneWheel
• MacBook Pro

Travel Goals
• Visit Japan.
• Visit Netherlands.
• Visit Barcelona.
• Visit Berlin.
• Travel South America.
• Travel Argentina (in full).
• Travel South East Asia.